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No ads, no tracking, no algorithm – just people. Come join us and share your work with a multitude of communities across Mastodon and the Fediverse!

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What is is a Mastodon server. It is connected to the Fediverse, a decentralized, global social network consisting of a multitude of other standalone servers. You can follow and interact with users from any interoperable server from a single account.

Our Mastodon server is aimed at creatives of many kinds. Be it illustration, painting, sculptures, animation, textile work, 3D modelling, music, writing and more – we welcome any skill level!

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What you can expect

  • A cozy local community of like-minded creatives
  • Access to a large audience across the Fediverse
  • Follow and interact with anyone on any interoperable server
  • A self-curated chronological timeline
  • No ads, no tracking, no data scraping
  • An active and friendly, human moderation team
  • Fun optional community activities

Support us is run and funded on a volunteer basis by members of the community. If you would like to chip in for server costs, consider a donation via Ko-fi or Patreon. No matter how small, every bit of voluntary support from our community means the world to us and helps us continue doing what we do.

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